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Specialised Chilled Transport Services: Safe and secure transportation of your goods

We're experts at keeping goods at just the right temperature, ensuring freshness every step of the way. Our global network ensures swift deliveries to international markets, and our refrigerated fleet guarantees product integrity. With customs expertise, we streamline cross-border shipments, reducing delays. Choose us for reliable, cold-chain logistics that keep your goods fresh and your business thriving on a global scale.

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Specialised Equipment

Specialised Equipment

Our specialised fleet ensures that your cargo, whether it's fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive items, arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your goods, combined with our experienced team, makes us your trusted partner for all your chilled transport needs.

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Tailored solutions to meet specific needs, including monitoring andtracking.

As a transportation company operating an extensive vehicle fleet, we are dedicated to preventing exacerbation of the ongoing climate crisis.

Delivering Good Europe

Temperature control

At our company, we're all about keeping things cool during transport. Our focus is on maintaining just the right temperature, like your trusty fridge, so that your goods, whether it's food or medicine, stay fresh and safe on their journey. We're here to give you peace of mind and ensure your products arrive in its best condition.

Same day collections

We are a company based in Aylesford with the ability to quickly reach any corner of the UK. We can provide various types of transportation tailored to your requirements in a short time and ensure it reaches the designated destination on time.

Monitoring and tracking

Our monitoring and tracking systems are like GPS for your cargo. They allow you to see where your goods are at all times and check if the temperature is right. This helps you know if everything is going smoothly and if there are any issues during transport. It gives you peace of mind and control over your shipments.

Post- Brexit transport

Brexit has significantly influenced the UK and European haulage and transportation sectors. The heightened customs and border regulations have resulted in delays and additional administrative work, impacting the effectiveness of cross-border transportation.We take pride in our specialists who always go the extra mile to ensure that paperwork is not your concern and allow you to enjoy a smooth transportation of your goods.


refrigerated van truck chilled load transport


Space to use:

Trailer Length




Trailer Width



26 UK/33 EU

Max. weight


Temp. range

-25 - + 25

Chilled transport specialist

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